Covid19 Procedure


Our local touch competitions will be a lot different this season due to the requirements placed upon us due to the pandemic.

It will possibly not be as social as it has been in the past but we hope that all of our members still enjoy their touch and that in the future we can return to the way it used to be.

We ask everyone to do their best to follow the requirements as set out below.

It is possible that we may be inspected at some point.

If you have any questions please contact us (

As per our COVID 19 Safety Plan version 1.2 (link below) the following procedures for all people attending the venue on a Thursday afternoon/evening are to be followed.


Remain at home if you feel unwell

Do not attend Vale of Ah Reserve if unwell (including any signs/symptoms of cold, flu, COVID-19 or other illness).

If you are a member of a high-risk category, reconsider your participation in the competition

Download the COVIDSafe app and ensure it is functional

For mixed open players ensure you have the QR scanner app on your phone.

Ensure you have access to a phone to be able to sign on. If you don’t sign on using a phone and the QR scanner you won’t be permitted to play.


Spectators are not encouraged, but any spectators should observe physical distancing requirements (>1.5 metres) and density requirements (one person per 4 square metres).

Make sure you arrive at the venue ready to play

Upon arrival at the venue proceed directly to your allocated field ( as set out in the fixtures draw at our website ) There is no need to come to the building area.

To avoid teams gathering together, sanitisation station tables will be located at each field. The station will also contain our QR Scanner bar code. All players playing in the mixed open competitions will be required to scan the barcode and complete the form which contains COVID questions. This form also doubles as the player sign on sheet for mixed open divisions. Players will select their team and record their shirt number. Junior division players will not use the barcode but will manually sign the COVID registration sheet for their team and record their shirt number. The juniors sheets will be at the field sanitisation table.

Prior to participating in a match, ensure that you have sanitised your hands with products provided.

Teams in each match are not permitted to substitute or use the sub box on the same side of the field. The 2 teams to use opposite sides of the field.

Avoid the use of changerooms, bathrooms and communal areas

Cover mouth to cough or sneeze using the elbow

Maintain social distancing by avoiding team huddles and congregating in groups before, during or after the match

No communal team water bottles or shared items such as jerseys or towels

Avoid unnecessary contact with other participants, such as high-fives, handshakes and hugs

If players are tested for COVID-19, immediately notify Bankstown Jets of this fact.

Bankstown Jets will restrict access to clubhouse rooms and changerooms, with a staggered return to the full use of Club facilities.

Signage will be displayed at the venue to reinforce and remind all players and participants of their obligations.

Once you have completed your game please leave the venue immediately unless you have a valid reason for remaining. We are required to restrict the number of people in the venue .

The canteen will not be in operation until further notice.